The Funko Room – Funko Tips and Tricks Episode 1: The Basics

At first glance, a lot of people don’t think that there could possibly be much to collecting Funko products. But it’s not just some toy you can walk into any store and pick up; not all of them at least! We here at My Comic Universe want you to know everything there is to know about collecting these amazing figures!

MCU’s Travis steps back into The Funko Room and continues his Funko Tips and Tricks series with Episode 1: The Basics. This episode covers the history of the Funko Pop, with their original introduction as Funko Force 2.0, product information, common terminology you will encounter and a couple of basic tips and pointers for beginning collectors.

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The Funko Room: NYCC 2017 Exclusives – Pops and Comics

Hey everyone! It’s New York Comic Con time! As you may already know, NYCC is one of the biggest cons of the year, especially when it comes to exclusives. That is why this episode of The Funko Room is completely dedicated to NYCC exclusives, both pops and comics.

This year’s NYCC has some amazing exclusives, both pops and comics, and since we mainly went over our favorite exclusive comics in the video, we wanted to give you a quick list of other exclusives available this weekend at NYCC.

Title: Writer: Artist: Publisher/ Retailer: Price/Misc. Details
1. Amazing Spider-Man #29 Dan Slott Francesco Mattina


Marvel/ ComXposure $
2. Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #11 Ryan Segman Brian Level &

J Scott Campbell


Marvel/ Campbell Limit 500

Signed Campbell


3. Aquaman #28 Dan Abnett Stjepan Sejic DC/ Graffiti Designs Jason Mamoa Aquaman Silver Cover $$
4. Batman #32 Tom King Clay Mann DC/ Graffiti Designs

Ben Affleck Batman photo Silver cover $$

5. Dark Nights Metal #1 Scott Synder Greg Capullo DC/ComXposure Tim Bradstreet Cover $
6. Dark Nights Metal #1 Scott Synder Greg Capullo DC/COMIC Sketch art Capullo cover $
7. Dark Nights Metal #1 Scott Synder

Greg Capullo

Jim Lee


DC/ Graffiti Designs Silver Cover $

Jim Lee Cover

8. Dark Nights Metal #2 Scott Synder

Greg Capullo

Jim Lee


DC/ Graffiti Designs Limited 1000


9. Batman The Dawnbreaker #1 Sam Humphries

Ethan Van Sciver & Riccardo Federici


DC/ Graffiti Designs Silver Cover $
10.Batman The Murder Machine #1 Frank Tieri & James Tynion

Riccardo Federici& Riccardo Federici


DC/ Graffiti Designs Silver Cover $
11. Batman The Red Death #1 Joshua Williamson Carmine Di Giandonmenico & Riccardo Federici


DC/ Graffiti Designs Silver Cover $
12. Dark Ark #1 Cullen Bunn Juan Doe & Alessandro Vitti(CA) Aftershock/ Scott’s Collectables Limited 300 NYCC $
13. Eclipse B/W #1 Zachary Kaplan Giovanni Timpano Image/ M10 Limited 25

NYCC $$$

14. GraveLand #1 Massimo Rosi Gabriel Ibarra Scout/ Scout Comics Limited 250 NYCC $10
15. Heavley Blues #1 Ben Kahn Bruno Hidalgo Scout/ Scout Comics Limited 250 $10
16. Invincible Iron man #11 Brian Michael Bendis Stefano Caselli/ Kate Nienczyk/ Taki Soma & Kiichi Mizshima Marvel/ The Comic mint Limited 600 $20


17.Justice League of America #15 Steve Orlando Felipe Watanabe DC/ Graffiti Designs JL photo cast cover

Silver Cover $

18. Marvel Legacy #1 Jason Aaron Esad Ribic /

Mike Deodato (CA)

Marvel Connecting cover set $$50
19. Port Of Earth Zack Kaplan Andrea Mutti / Vladimir Popov Top Cow Signed


20. Rick & Morty PILYSI Tini Howard Marc Ellerby/ Katy Farina NYCC $
21. Spider-Gwen #24 Jason Latour Robbie Rodriquez /

J Scott Campbell


Marvel/ Campbell Limited 500


22. Venom #6 Mike Costa Francesco Mattina


Marvel/ ComXposure NYCC $
23. Venomverse #1 Mike Costa Mark Bagley


Marvel/ ComXposure Limited (SD) 3,000 (VR) 1,000


24. Wonder Woman #31 James Robinson Carlo Pagulyan DC/ Graffiti Designs Gal Gadot photo silver cover $

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Let us know in the comments which exclusives from this years NYCC you are looking to add to your collection!

The Funko Room: Funko Tips and Tricks Episode Zero – Prologue

Check out the above video as My Comic Universe’s Travis introduces his multi-episode series, Funko Tips and Tricks! This prologue briefly covers what to expect throughout the series, which aims to educate Funko collectors from start to finish on a wide variety of topics. By the end of this series you’ll know everything there is to know about obtaining your favorite pieces, trading, displaying, and so much more!

Keep an eye out for the next installment of Funko Tips and Tricks: Episode 1 – The Basics!

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MCU: The Funko Room – SDCC 2017 Exclusives Top Picks

When it comes to collecting Funko Pops, no time of year is more rewarding than convention season! Most of these conventions bring with them a wide range of new exclusive pieces. Starting out the major con season is SDCC! Funko announced that there would be a whopping near-dozen waves of exclusives for this year’s San Diego Comic Con, with a varying range of rareness. Some of these pieces have a limited number made which is printed on their stickers, whereas others are shared exclusives with stores like Hot Topic, Gamestop, Barnes & Noble, etc.; and can be found with relatively little effort outside of the convention.

Join My Comic Universe’s resident Funko collector, Travis, as he discusses and highlights his top picks of this year’s exclusives lineup!


Let us know in the comments or on social media what your thoughts are on this year’s exclusives! Which are your top picks? Which are you disappointed with? Which are you trying to secure for your own collection? We would even love to see what you picked up in previous years! Post a pic on social media and tag us!

The Funko Room – How to Unbox a Funko Pop

We at My Comic Universe feel like every Funko Pop collector should know how to properly unbox their favorite piece. Whether you are an out-of-box collector who wants to keep the box damage free, or if you just want to temporarily take a pop out for a few pictures without damaging the box, this video will show you how to do just that.

What you will need:
– a gift card or credit card
– your favorite Funko Pop

That’s it! We hope you enjoyed this tutorial video!